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Shri Anurag Bezboruah, Class:X,

 Radhakrishnan Academy, 

 Tinsukia,  Assam


 Dear Budding Child Scientist,

 I am very glad and as well as happy to share my experiences of National Children’s Science Congress in this article.  I feel immense pleasure to be a part of this successful event.

 At first, I would congratulate all for being a part of the State Level NCSC and for making it a successful one. Of course, only 26 participants would be selected for the National Level and they should  feel very lucky for that.  But those who are not selected should not lose their heart,  instead they should keep the flame burning.  I myself failed for two time in 2015 and in 2018.  I was selected for the National Level as a group member in 2019 in my third attempt. I was successful in achieving the State toppers award ( State Child Scientist Award).  In this regard I would heartily thank NCSC family  for organizing this amazing platform.  I thank  everyone who came to my life and help me all the way.

 The most valuable part what I think of this platform is the interaction with the Child Scientists. This helps us to learn many new things. I do made many friends while we are in Kerala. I still discuss on various scientific matters about Space Science, new quest.

  Another remarkable thing of this platform is of the interaction with the scientist.  We can ask any question on any topic of science. And we use to get proper answers also.   

The national level of NCSC is a mega event . So,  the selected child scientist should prepare themselves very well, upgrade their project and enhance their communication skills.  In this regard all the members of ASTEC family help a lot.  Here, one thing I would like to share  to the child scientist  that don't miss that company of our Academic Co-ordinator , our State Co-ordinator and other team members. There is a lot things to learn from them.  

We all stayed  together as a family  in Kerala.  The temperature of Kerala is warm and humid  as compare to Assam and this is due to the coastal geography.  The South Indian food is  really delicious. I feel  immense pleasure to visit the most literate State of India.  No doubt all the people of Kerala are very helpful and cooperative.  The  Chief Minister of Kerala gave a very inspiring speech I was am I noticing the facial expression of Kathakali dancers it was sold that culture of Canara is very unique stop the journey was undoubtedly very exciting probably one of the most memorable moment of my life paragraph change doing this does not mean the end this should be the starting point of the entering the adventurous world of science we should carry on with our scientific works weather in the platform of any other not for the sake of the competition but for the Corporation at last I should say that working in the field of science for the nation should be ones second Publication once first obligation should be the development of humanity.




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