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Introduction: “The clock is ticking. Are you becoming the person you want to be?”— Greg Plitt.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has different impact in different people. The pandemic has put a hold on our lives while people are continuously suffering from anxiety and depression. This pandemic have crumbled our economy, millions of people have lost their jobs and are out of their livelihood. Many big companies have dismissed their employees because they are unable to pay them remuneration and salary. We all are helpless at different point of time and circumstances and fallen prey of frustration and agony due to this present pandemic. However tough may be the situation, human beings have the capacity to adapt to and overcome troubles. There is no denial that there is always a way out, isn’t it? Together we can bring back things to normal the way they were. The novel coronavirus has worked like an alarm. We have always undermined the nature, exploited it, catastrophe going on and on, Carbon and Nitrogen dioxide level rising, trifling smoke from factories day by day have caused blow to the ecosystem but we still have kept on neglecting it or haven’t paid much at attention to our surroundings. Prior to the coronavirus, how many people appreciated the beauty of a river or a lake? I’m hoping we hold on to that feeling of how great it is to get out and breathe fresh. By putting a pause to the world the pandemic have given us time to think and to act regarding things of significant importance. Some of them are as follows:

                (1) Decreasing carbon footprint: - The biggest upside to the coronavirus is that there is tangible improvement in the environment. With the whole world in lockdown, the levels of nitrogen dioxide have decreased, for e.g. the sky during the lockdown has become clear in Delhi, India, for the first time in years. Perhaps the world can collectively cut the total greenhouse gas emission since it is evident the environmental situation can be improved substantially with effort.

                (2) Family matters: - Over the last few years, many families tended to see each other in passing time. Children are running off to school, parents are staying late at work. Kids have to go to practice, games and recitals. Family dinners are often uncommon since everyone in on the go. However, the coronavirus has forced a lockdown that will one day, believe it or not, inspire family comedy flicks. “I think people will appreciate family more now since we have to spend time with each other in such an unexpected way” said Dr. Gregory Charlop.

                (3) Health care attitude improves: - It’s common to complain about how long we sit in waiting rooms during doctor appointments or about the cost of medicines. We are so fortunate to have the doctors and nurses in the hospitals in India. So many people take them for granted. They are doing a phenomenal job now and then.

Conclusion: Health or one’s physical fitness is as much as important as earning money. While the gyms and playgrounds has been closed, some people have completely taken off from regular activities, sports or there concerned diet. People completely have made them stuck before the screen with no workout. A lazy or unfit person will get tired and jaded easily, ultimately leading to poor performance at work or education. Physical fitness is very important to keep up with the pace of this fast growing society. Physical Fitness can be divided into various components like mental health, emotional stability, healthy eating, sound sleep, to get the end result that is a healthy body. Exercise, yoga and meditation are a major component in physical fitness because it regulates the blood flow in the body. As a saying goes “All work and no play make Jake a dull boy” is true in today’s world. We can get together after the pandemic because the only way we can get back to normal is if we come together with healthy body and active brain.


Name: Manish Chetri

Standard: 11

Faculty Higher Secondary School 

City:  Guwahati ,Assam, India


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