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                                 THOSE GOLDEN DAYS

“We don't remember days, we remember moments.”    --Cesare Paverse.

     Debashree Konwar, Class:X

     Saint Francis De Sales School,

     Dhemaji, Assam


Some experiences are worth having in life. They make us realize that life indeed is dynamic and vibrant. National Children Science Congress 2019 was such an incredible expedition form. Written in those are the stories, words can never fully explain. The 10 days schedule started on 21st December 2019, when I arrived Guwahati. The initial days were spent on rigorous mentoring sessions and in getting to know my teammates better. Due to certain inconveniences we had to stay in Guwahati for 2 days more.

On the 26th December we left for Kerala in 2 flights. Kerala is a beautiful state with its greenary, politeness of the people and smashing literacy rate. The pavements are pristine and Kerala made us feel at home. The 27th National Children Science Congress 2019 kicked off on 27th December, with an inauguration ceremony presided over by the Chief Minister of the State, Mr. Pinrayi Vijayan. During my stay, I had the rare opportunity to listen to the eminent personalities of the country, namely M. Venkaiyah Naidu, Vice President of India; Shashi Tharoor, the Member of Parliament, Thiruvananthapuram Presidency; Tessy Thomas, the Missile Woman of India and many others. I've always thought ISRO is a distant star for people like us. But my thoughts took a 360°turn after my visit to the VSSC Space Centre Museum, as a part of the techno tour. I've realized that anything is possible provided we hassle for it.  

  Under the giant umbrella of the NCSC, a mini India was created in Mar Ivanios College Campus. I've met children scientists from India and abroad. I was baffled at their innovation, their rainbow display of their culture, their immense potential to contribute to the technological advancement of the country. I was simply fascinated at the wondrous projects they displayed. On the 28th December, I had my project presentation along with the poster display at the hall. It was great to converse with the visitors, child scientists and the judges that were disguised as commoners.           

Two of my teammates for Assam won the award for the best project and I myself had the good fortune to be the best questioner twice. On 31st December, we visited the Kovalam Beach and bathed in the water. The crushing wave washes away the looses and under your feet and you're left wondering what a mystery it is! The same day, at midnight we boarded the flight and returned to the land that is dear to our hearts, our state Assam. I'm very grateful that I was selected for the NCSC.

To represent Assam is an honour that I will long cherish. I'm very thankful to Sir Romen Gogoi (the fatherly figure), Sir Dipankar Lahkar(the one who guided us in each step), Ma'am Jyoti (the iron lady with her extraordinary management skills),Sir Tirtha Moni, Sir Meghnath, Ma'am Dwarizi, Sir Manuranjan, Sir Gajendra and Sir Sandeep for having escorted and inspired us to do the utmost. I appreciate the toil Ma'am Sanghamitra, Sir Malem and Ma'am Supriya had undertaken to prepare us for the big day. Finally yet importantly, I'm much grateful for the 26 child scientists, or to put it plainly, the 26 friends I've earned for the lifetime. You're the most amazing, beautiful persons I've ever met. You'll be forever treasured in my hearts and I hope that we meet soon. Thank you for making those days more exciting and fun. Thank you NCSC for this wonderful chapter.



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