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We are presently living in a critical world. The whole earth seems to be pale with jaundiced look and is hankering after comfort which looks rare.
Yes, we are talking about our ailing planet. Earth is now gradually transformed into a garbage dumping ground where inferior things are dumped everyday without  taking or caring others concerns. We look like plastic men, since morning till night, we can't think of doing our tasks without touching plastics and polythenes.
On the other hand, we have certified ourselves as expert in reckless felling of trees. You know, a sapling takes almost five years to grow to be called a tree and surprisingly, we need almost five minutes to fell this tree. Just compare the time :  five years to grow and only five minutes to fell. Thus we have been contributing a lot in decreasing our daily needs of oxygen level by fuelling enough carbon dioxide by felling trees. Can't we stop it for the sake of our next generations? What will they inhale when oxygen is exhausted,how will they survive?
 We have, no doubt,enjoyed our times upto the neck even we too are facing the notorious COVID-19 global pandemic. But what after this?
 Please be ready for more curses from the future generations. But I wonder, will they live to curse us  ???
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Rewati Raman Sapkota
Sr. Journalist
The Assam Tribune
Secretary, Aranya Suraksha Samiti,Asom
Udalguri district committee
E-mail : rewatir45@gmail.com
Phone 7896239756

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