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Time Cycle


Pressed by the conflict of inequality

This old hour

Leans forward

For new civilizational apparatuses

And have a ‘facial’ with it.

Having borne the burden of civilization

It has already rested

This day!

The moons perishing in their death bed

Boasting about their full moon light

Are giggling

Could that speck of light

Defeat the sun?

In the ramp of a desert

The movement of the thirstful

Hasn’t ceased

  (won’t even cease, probably)


With the sight of a mirage

In the pandemonium to pluck the sky

Time is directionless.

In the laboratory of time

Extracting the hive of present

To taste the nectar of identity

The efforts to draw the fate lines

Are still going on

The naked body of the night

Expects cloth by the morning

But there are in abundance

The false offerings of the full moon night

The shine of the glittering stars

Is eternal/or not

There’s a procession of eagerness

It seems to be outdated

Those references of Hiroshima

By the stick of a man who has lived an era

It has been brushed aside

The atomic menaces.

In the wrinkled cheek of the grandmother

The reflections of Jallianwala Bagh /Kaleybung

Can be seen


The breasts of the truth too

Weren’t spared from being squeezed

By the erotic time.

Could that old stick

Stay upright

Like a statue…?

By the merciless strike of time

It has been broken

The rib cage of faith.

Cursed by the time

The rotten bits of fate

After bathing in Toorsa, Teesta and Rangeet

Have stopped stinking

By betraying the truth

And having carnal intercourse time and again

They have been all contacted by AIDS

Those Mir Jafars’.

At this moment

Above me

I see Gandhi standing

White pigeons

Flights after flights

Even at the face of times’ ‘Katrina’

Are adamantly defying, I can see.


                      (Note: Katrina- a kind of destructive cyclone/hurricane)

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