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We, the living population of the world have been passing through never expected critical time till now and we don't know what will our longevity be and how soon our END is nearing. Still, we are optimistic and do feel that normalcy would return soon. But to come back to the normal situation, we, the rational beings are to be much more careful.

Many times, I personally feel that we are selfish and concerned about us only. The great environmentalist Lesser R Brown predicted that human would be responsible for its catastrophic misrule. He said, “we haven't inherited this earth from our forefathers, but borrowed it from our children." This very fact was echoed with much anguish by the youngest environmentalist Greta Thunberg in her speech at the UN general assembly on climate change by charging the so called veteran world leaders with her wrath "How dare you!". Not the nature, but it is we responsible for the gradual deterioration of our climate. We are responsible for the global warming and all forms of pollutions and pandemic.

It was rightly expressed by William Wordsworth in his immortal poem " Lines written in Early Spring" that man is not doing well. The oxygen level in our planet's atmosphere is at peril now. It is only 21% compared to 78% nitrogen.

We, the people inhale oxygen produced by trees and exhale carbon dioxide that is received by trees. It levels ecological balance. But, as people are seen felling trees even though the Article 48A of our constitution directed the state to protect and safeguard the forest and wildlife, no use!

Let's ponder for our future generation and plant more and more trees to save our future generations. Let us celebrate our birthdays, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries by gifting saplings and do more for such publicity. Otherwise, our CATASTROPHE is very near to us. Will you??



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