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Why 'The Oxygen Times' now?

The need of it is to know everything essential required for the present society. Primarily we are focusing the four pillars of our society, i.e. Teachers, Students, Farmers and Mothers (House Wife). website is designed to satisfy the need of the changing times that we are entangled in, day-to-day. This website is equipped with updated knowledge for the targeted stakeholders. This website helps to explore novel ideas among the four pillars of the society and also to help them develop creative and critical thinking. Here, we are trying to give information full of positivity and vibrations to all concerned in a single platform to satisfy their craving NEEDs.

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  • Our Vision

    To provide the budding minds a science based forum to breed a Scientific Knowledge based Society.

  • Our Mission

    To explore human resources in creating a new world. To transform human lives and to serve the population by promoting participation in social change through creative thinking, writing and working.

Meet Ganesh Sarma

Ganesh Sarma is responsible for planning, design, editing, and content selection of the site. He holds M.A. B.Ed. degree and is working as a teacher in Dhekiajuli High School,Dhekiajuli and he is an NCC Officer. Addition to that, he is District Co-ordinator of Aryabhatta Science Centres of Sonitpur District and he was also District Academic Co-ordinator of National Children’s Science Congress of Sonitpur District, Assam, India. He mentored and guided several students on Scientific project preparation for National and International competition. Apart from and Ganesh is also running YouTube Channel “Oxygen Times”. Are you interested to join us? Contact us through, we’ll be happy to serve you better. You can connect Ganesh through YouTube,LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter and Google Plus Or send him an email at




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